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Show off your legs again!

Don't let varicose veins keep you from an active lifestyle!

  • Have you had previous vein treatment — and have your problems come back?
  • Don't be told that nothing can be done for your vein problems.
  • We specialize in patients with difficult and recurrent disease!

Willamette Vein Centré
is a full service, state of the art medical and laser facility offering advanced, out-patient treatment services for all types of varicose veins, leg spider veins, facial veins and venous leg ulcers. Willamette Vein Centré offers the most modern techniques available in the United States today for treatment of venous conditions:
  • Conventional Sclerotherapy
  • Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy
  • Thermal Ablation
  • Microsurgery

Discover for yourself the reason why physicians come from across the nation to Salem, Oregon to receive training in the latest vein treatment procedures.

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